Aaron & Kevin Annett – Firth, Idaho 1988

On Saturday, July 16, 1988, brothers Aaron Annett, 16, and Kevin Annett, 13, worked at their summer job moving irrigation pipe in Firth, Idaho. Their parents reported the boys missing about noon. Around 3:30 PM, they were seen cashing their checks totaling $70.00 at the Hard Times Store in Firth. After this, they went missing the rest of the day. In the evening, Aaron’s body was found near an island in the Snake River, SW of Firth. The following morning, Kevin’s body was found. Both boys had been shot on the island that separates the inlet from the river. They had several bruises and cuts about their body. A brown pickup, either a GMC or Chevrolet 1970’s model may have been involved. Authorities have a person of interest.

Contact the Bingham County Sheriff if you have information about the Annett’s homicides.

Detectives Say They Have Good Idea Who Killed Annett Boys

Updated: July 30, 2007 04:26 PM PDT

Source: Local News 8

By Sally Showman

The murder of two Firth brothers has baffled detectives for nearly 20 years. Now they say they have a good idea of who shot Kevin and Aaron Annett in July 1988.

That person of interest still lives among us in southeast Idaho.

“We have a good idea of who the killer may be,” said Bingham County Detective, Lt. Paul Newbold.

It’s been 19 years since Kevin and Aaron Annett were found shot to death in the side channel of the Snake River, west of Firth.

In July 1988, the boys spent a Saturday moving pipe for a local farmer. They went to this convenience store to cash their checks. That was last time they were seen alive.

Aaron’s body was found three hours later. Following a major search, Kevin’s body was found a 100 yards away.

It’s a combination of things that caused the death, being shot and being in river,” said the former Bingham County Sheriff, Roy Nelson after they found the bodies.

The story captivated people as far away as Salt Lake City.

But still no news, Nelson said in 1988, “We’ll release more information if and when we make an arrest.”

But no arrest was ever made. Bingham County Detectives haven’t lost hope that someone will pay. We have 495 pieces of the puzzle, just a few left to complete the picture, said Newbold.

They are hoping that with all the time past it will make it easier for someone to come forward with more information.

“We feel there are people in the community who may have some knowledge of this case and we’re urging anyone with information to call in,” said Newbold.

They say that’s the only way the two young boys will get their justice.