Angie R. Dodge – Idaho Falls, Idaho 1996

Idaho Falls, Idaho – Eighteen-year-old Angie Dodge’s body was found the morning of June 13, 1996 by two co-workers concerned that she had not shown for work or answered calls. She lived in the upstairs apartment at 444 “I” Street.  In late January 1997; Christopher Tapp, after hours of interrogation, admitted to holding Angie’s arms down while another person raped and stabbed her. Tapp admitted to being present when the murder weapon was allegedly thrown over the Snake River Bridge. In early January 1997, Benjamin Hobbs was arrested in Ely, NV for an attempted murder and rape of a Nevada girl. Shortly after Hobbs was arrested for the Nevada crime, two Idaho Falls detectives interviewed Hobbs, but he denied having any involvement in Angie’s murder. During Tapp’s interrogation, he also implicated a third person, which he only identified as “Mike”. The DNA collected at the crime scene has never been matched to anyone. The DNA of Tapp and Hobbs is not a match.

Since then, Christopher Tapp has indicated his confession was coerced. The case continues to make news in Idaho in 2015.

In 2015, Christopher Tapp’s attorney, John Thomas, filed for post-conviction relief based on DNA evidence.  (see selected links below)

If you have information about the murder of Angie Dodge, contact the Idaho Falls Police Department or John Thomas in the Public Defender’s Office of Bonneville County.  

The Confession

Video For Angie and Family

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