Cindy L. Bringhurst – Pocatello, Idaho 1983

Cindy Bringhurst, age 14, was babysitting a 2-year old child the evening of June 4, 1983 at 154 Highland Avenue in Pocatello, Idaho.  The single mother of the child was working as a bartender downtown at the Oasis Bar. According to reports, the mother of the child called home at 11:45 PM and talked to Cindy, because her purse and keys were missing from the bar and she wanted to make sure Cindy was alright. At 1:45 AM, the mother returned home to find Cindy missing. The two year old was unharmed. There was no sign of struggle in the apartment. A news clip in the press section on this page indicates there was a suspect in the purse theft, his truck was searched and a shirt was taken into evidence. The mother Cindy babysat for immediately packed up and left the apartment a day later.

No further information was released on the purse thief suspect, but future articles decades later alluded to investigators saying the suspect was interviewed in the past.

On July 7, 1983, Cindy’s remains were found southwest of Pocatello in the West Fork of Mink Creek. Cindy was still wearing the clothing wore babysitting. Pocatello Police have not released her official cause of death but it has been ruled a homicide. The Idaho State Journal featured Cindy’s story in April of 2014. Contact the Pocatello Police Department if you have information about the murder of Cindy Bringhurst.