Eugene Lorne Red Elk – Pocatello, Idaho 2009

BREAKING JUNE 25th, 2015

A press conference by the Pocatello Police Department today indicated MARTIN EDMO ISH, 58, has been arrested for the murder of Eugene Lorne Red Elk. 

Family, friends always suspected Ish was Red Elk’s killer

Prior information:

Eugene Lorne Red Elk worked as a part-time bouncer at Duffy’s Tavern, and also at KPVI news in Pocatello. He was known as a gentle giant and had the respect of many local citizens. On June 14, 2009, the night of his murder, a man was asked to leave the bar that had caused problems in another bar in town and did not have identification when he entered Duffy’s Tavern.  Lorne escorted the man out, offering to buy him a drink another time.

Soon after, Lorne left the bar to run an errand. As he entered the parking lot, Lorne was hit from behind and sustained serious head injuries. Lorne was transported to EIRMC hospital in Idaho Falls and died 3 days later. Many expressed outrage at his death, as he was well loved and respected by people from all walks of life.   No arrests have been made in his case.

If you have information in the attack on Lorne Red Elk, contact the Pocatello Police Department. 



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