Milo Glenn Damron – Blackfoot, Idaho 1959

Milo “Glenn” Damron was a contruction worker raising his family in Inkom, Idaho. On Sept. 11, 1959, he was murdered while in his vehicle about two miles south of Blackfoot.  He appeared to have been stabbed with a weapon like a screwdriver and beaten about the head, chest and neck. Little blood was found at the scene. Police theorized he had been parked, taking a break with a beer and a few cigarettes when he was attacked.  Robbery was a possible motive, as Damron had approx. $80 on him and a set of tools was missing. According to press reports, a murder weapon was not found. He was found in his vehicle on Sept. 12, 1959. It was the final week of the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot.

Damron was employed by the Northwest Construction Company and had been traveling for work the week of his death. He was described as a man who made friends easily. No arrests have been made in his death.

Due to the age of this case, the case file is no longer in existence, but Damron’s family hopes someone will come forward with the truth.

The Idaho State Journal featured a story on Damron in May 2014:

East Idaho cold cases: Damron case unsolved more than 54 years later
By Debbie Bryce For the Journal

May 25, 2014

Milo “Glenn” Damron was a construction worker who made friends easily. Employed by the Northwest Construction Co., he had been traveling for work that week in September 1959, but he never made it home to his family. On Sept. 12, 1959, he was found beaten and stabbed to death about two miles south of Blackfoot.

Damron was the third of four murder victims in Southeast and Eastern Idaho between August and September 1959.

Santiago Campos was found near Mountain Home, Wayne Seigel, who was traveling to the West Coast from Minnesota, was found near Montpelier. His blood-spattered car was found later in Dubois, and John Hunt was killed a week earlier near Bliss. All three men were shot to death.

At the time, Bingham County Sheriff Arch Hess did not believe Glenn’s murder was connected to the other killings because he was not shot like the other victims.

Damron left behind a wife, Edith, two daughters Glenna and Royce and a son Leonard. The case has gone unsolved for the past 54 years.

Damron was also employed by the Bannock County Highway Department.

Found inside his vehicle, Damron had been stabbed in the neck with a weapon like a screwdriver and beaten about the head and chest. That led police to theorize that Damron had stopped to take a break, drink a beer and smoke a few cigarettes when the crime occurred.

He was slumped on the floor in the front seat of the car when he was found. Damron was 52 at the time.

Only a few drops of blood were found at the scene and three cigarette butts were recovered from outside the car — the same brand that was found in Damron’s pocket. A half empty bottle of beer was found on the floor on the driver’s side of the car.

Damron was last seen alive four days earlier when he left his job as a heavy equipment operator in Hamer to head home to Inkom. Robbery could have been a motive. Damron was known to have about $80 on him, but at the time of his death his pockets were turned inside out and a set of tools was missing from his vehicle.
No murder weapon was ever recovered in connection with the case.

East Idaho Cold Cases reports that police records of the case no longer exist. Newspaper clippings from that time trace the investigation following Damron’s murder and the circumstances surrounding the killing.

Hess said investigators located two cars found near the murder scene. One had no license plates and traces of blood were found on the vehicle, but it turned out that the car had been abandoned the day before Damron was killed.

Damron’s vehicle was found in a sandy area of the Fort Hall Reservation, making it difficult to spot footprints or tire tracks. No suspect was identified in the murder and the case went cold.

Edith died in 1987. Their children could not be located for this story.

More than half of a century has passed since Damron was killed.But anyone who might have information about his murder is urged to contact the Blackfoot/Bingham Detective Division, 208-785-1235.

If you have information about the murder of Milo G. Damron, contact the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office.


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