Regina L . Krieger – Burley, Idaho 1995

Regina Krieger, 14, was the older of two children. After her parents divorced, “Gina” was living with her mother in Twin Falls, Idaho and she missed her family and friends in Burley.  Gina requested to live with her father. Sadly, two months after living with her father, she became involved with the wrong crowd in Burley, Idaho and began using drugs. Her parents gave her love, support, and of course, rules and expectations. Regina decided to quit using drugs and turned her life around.  She ended ties with her drug using friends and made plans to move back to Twin Falls and tell her mother everything.  Her family felt a surge of hope.  Fourteen-year-old Regina disappeared from her basement bedroom the night of February 28, 1995.  She was stabbed and carried up a stairwell leading to the backyard where a car waited.  Bloodstains were found in the basement. More than one person participated.

Regina’s body was found April 15, 1995, on the bank of the Snake River, downstream from the Minidoka Dam.   Her body was badly decomposed and unrecognizable.  Dental records identified Gina and the forensic report indicated her throat was cut and a stab wound to the chest. Several rumors circulated her death was connected to an unpaid drug debt to a local drug dealer who later spent time in prison on unrelated charges.

Regina attended Burley Jr./Sr. High School and would have graduated with the class of 1998.

If you have information regarding the murder of Regina Krieger, contact the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office.

Krieger poster