Rose L. Migdal – Gooding County, Idaho 1993

On Oct. 15, 1993, Rose Migdal checked into the Holiday Motel on Jerome’s Main Street, paying for a month’s stay. A week later, her abandoned car, a 1992 Chevrolet was found on a rock pile south east of Gooding.  There were several suspicious facts about the condition of the car and the overall scene of her disappearance in the desert.  The Post Register reported a sheepherder found her skull in 1998.

In a press clip linked below, retired Sheriff Jim Jax of Gooding County said he thinks Migdal was killed in Jerome County and someone drove her car into the desert to dump her body.  Jax also stated “I don’t know who killed her for sure, I do know who drove her body out into the desert and dumped her.” He declined to comment on who that was at the time.

Rose was in Wyoming a week before she disappeared, and at the time family members were unsure why she came to Idaho. She had also been hospitalized right before leaving for Idaho.

Contact the Gooding County Sheriff’s Office if you have information on the death of Rose Migdal, or saw anything suspicious at the Holiday Motel during that time frame.