Susan Hansen – Blackfoot, Idaho 1964

Susan Hansen was 16 years old in 1964, living at 1153 S. Meridian in Blackfoot with her family. On Thursday evening, Oct. 29, Susan was asked her to go to Dan’s Mighty Market in the family car to pick up a few items needed for dinner. She left home at 7:15 PM. This was the last time her family saw her alive.  According to reports, Susan arrived at the store at 7:30, purchased cola, hamburger buns, and ketchup.  A store clerk helped her to the 1963 Buick at approx. 7:45 PM and she left traveling down South Broadway.

She was reported missing around 8:45 PM.  Susan’s car was later found at 10:45 PM, off Broadway about three blocks from the grocery store. It had been driven 60+ miles and was dirty, yet had been cleaned and serviced earlier the same day she disappeared.

The buns and catsup were found the next morning, along the curb of Blackfoot’s Main Street about a mile from the grocery store. The cola was still in the car.

It was theorized the perpetrator entered her car after she left the grocery store, or perhaps was hiding in the car when she returned.  He drove Susan southeast of Blackfoot into the reservation. Blood and hair were found in the car trunk, as well as hair found on the ground at the spot she was murdered. At the time, police said she was pulled from the car the killer struck her head repeatedly on the ground, thus causing her death. The killer then placed her in the trunk and drove Susan to another part of the reservation where he left her body. An old news article states she may have bled from her nose or mouth after she died onto cardboard found in the trunk.

Her nude body was found Nov. 22, 1964, in the Spring Creek area of the Fort Hall reservation.

Several possible suspects were polygraphed, fingerprinted, and interviewed. No arrests were made until 1989, when the AFIS fingerprint system identified a print found in 1964 on the rearview mirror as belonging to John Hevewah, Jr.  A lengthy trial ensued, and in 1991 Prosecuting Attorney Tom Moss dismissed the charges against Hevewah, because three new witnesses brought forth evidence which would impede the state from meeting it’s burden of proof…” (see news clips and

Some say they had the right man and he got away with murder, others say it must have been someone else.  No further arrests were made in Susan Hansen’s murder.

If you have new information about this case, contact the Blackfoot Police Department.