Tonya K. Teske – Ucon, Idaho 1997

Ucon, Idaho (near Idaho Falls) – Eighteen year-old Tonya Teske’s nude body was found August 15, 1997, near Ucon next to a Highway 20 entrance ramp. Identifying Tonya was difficult, as her face had become very swollen. Police were able to have a sketch artist formulate Tonya’s face, which was broadcast on the local news. A truck driver called police, and recalled a girl matching her description being questioned by police at Bair’s Truck Stop in Belgrade, Montana on August 13th, two days before she was found.  Deputies in Montana were responding to a complaint someone was soliciting sex over a CB radio. At that time, Tonya was found to have a warrant out of Utah County, Utah – but Utah was not willing to extradite Tonya and she was released. Tonya had been in Springville, Utah four months prior to her death and was charged with passing forged checks.

Tonya lived in Shoshoni, Wyoming, yet drifted back and forth between her mother’s home and the road. She seldom spoke to her family, moving in and out of their lives. She last attended Shoshoni High School in 1995. Tonya was last seen in her hometown on Aug. 10, 1997, headed towards Casper, as she often caught rides with truck drivers. She was reported to have been in the company of four men who appeared to be in their fifties. Tonya was last  known in Cinammon Lodge, Montana.

Police have not released her cause of death. They are treating it as a homicide. She was 5’9″, 160lbs, with her hair dyed a peroxide orange color.

Contact the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office if you have information about the death of Tonya Teske.

Teske poster