Burt, Jeramy C. – Boise, Idaho 2007

Jeramy Carl Burt was raised in American Falls, Idaho and graduated with the class of 1991.  After graduation, Jeramy joined the U.S. Navy and served in the Gulf War. He subsequently met and married “Rena”, a woman he met while in the military.

The marriage didn’t work out and his wife returned to Japan. Later, Jeramy met and fell in love with Kim George, and the two planned to marry. In January of 2002, Jeramy filed for divorce from Rena. The Boise attorney Jeramy hired was Jeannie Braun (aka Jeannie El-Bakri, Jeannie Hughes). His divorce from Rena was finalized in May 2002.

Kim and Jeramy married, giving birth to a baby girl McKenzie in March of 2003. McKenzie was Jeramy’s world. Soon after McKenzie’s birth, Jeramy and Kim decided marriage was not for them. Their divorce was final in September 2003. Kim and Jeramy remained devoted parents, and continued to live together off and on from 2003 up to his disappearance in 2007. He operated Integrity Roofing in Boise.

According to the storyline in “Disappeared” (season 2, episode 12 – 2010), the relationship between Jeramy and his attorney, Jeannie Braun, became romantic and the two began an affair. Jeramy began secretly taping Jeannie Braun in conversations regarding illegal activity Braun was allegedly involved in. He shared some of these recordings with his wife and saved them to a computer. According to a release by the Idaho State Bar in June 2006 (page 8), another party was recording the activities of Jeannie Braun, which eventually led to charges and disbarment in the state of Idaho.

Jeramy visited American Falls with McKenzie the weekend of Feb. 10-11, 2007. While Jeramy drove back to Boise on the 11th, Kim flew to a conference in Las Vegas. At this point, Jeramy, Kim, his daughter McKenzie, and his father Van are all living together. Jeramy and Kim spoke on the phone that evening around 10:00 PM, then Sheryl Burt beeped in at 10:10 PM to see if he had made it back safely.

Next, according to Van Burt, Jeramy asked him to watch McKenzie so he could visit a friend to discuss hunting, since he had recently purchased a new bow. Van noted Jeramy showered and put on a nice shirt and Levis before he left around 10:30 PM, the last time anyone saw Jeramy – late evening February 11, 2007.

While in Las Vegas, Kim began receiving strange texts and hang up calls from Jeramy’s cell number. He texted her he was leaving to start a new life. She texted back and forth with Jeramy, and became suspicious it was not Jeramy texting her. She could not get Jeramy to answer the phone. Upon her return to Boise, she discovered her red Mercury Cougar missing and decided to file a missing persons/stolen car report with Boise PD. It appeared Jeramy did not take any personal possessions with him, other than his cell phone.

Police have polygraphed several people in Jeramy’s disappearance, including Jeannie Braun. They have not released any polygraph results. Jeramy’s last calls were made within a few days of February 11th, the last from Chevron in Mountain Home, ID. It is not known if it was Jeramy, or another person using his phone.

According to the “Disappeared” episode, Jeannie Braun stated she had not had any contact with Jeramy for months before he disappeared, but there is evidence she did.

On May 18, 2007, cowboys riding in a very remote area of Owyhee County discovered a burned vehicle. They were approx. 45-miles north of the Nevada border. Authorities were called, and traced the VIN to Kim George’s stolen car report. Police did a 3-4 mile radius ground search (horse, human and ATV) of the area around the car, without finding any sign of Jeramy. Another ground search organized by the family was conducted in June of 2015.

Jeramy’s family says he would never abandon his daughter, who turned four the month after he went missing. Nor would he leave his family and roofing business without any explanation.

Allegedly, Jeannie Braun became engaged right after Jeramy’s disappearance to a man from Owyhee County. Marriage did not result with him.

Family has also indicated a possible connection with the disappearance of Ahren Barnard, since Ahren and Jeramy had acquaintances in common.

If you have information about this case, contact the Boise Police Department

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