Crane, Stephanie L. – Challis, Idaho 1993

On October 11, 1993, 9-year old Stephanie Crane’s mother Sandi gave her money for a snack and dropped her off at the Challis Bowling Alley in Challis, Idaho. After bowling with friends, Stephanie departed and was last seen walking on Highway 93 towards Challis High School at approximately 6:00 p.m. Accounts differ as to whether Crane was going to the high school for soccer practice, or whether she was heading for her family’s residence, about 500 yards away. She has never been seen again. An extensive search covering 7,000 square miles in two counties turned up no sign of her. A yellow pickup truck and a tan scout-type vehicle were seen in the area around the time she vanished, and may be connected to her disappearance. She was wearing a maroon & white shirt and maroon sweatpants at the time of her disappearance. The shirt was imprinted with “GIMME” on the front.

Keith Glenn “Mark” Hescock (see press articles below) has been investigated for possible involvement in Crane’s case, as well as the missing person case of Amber Hoopes (2001).

In June 2002, Hescock kidnapped a fourteen-year-old girl from Bonneville County, Idaho. He restrained her at his home while he went to work but she was able to free herself and escape. When Hescock returned from work that day, he saw police waiting and a vehicle pursuit ensued, see video. Hescock committed suicide, but not before shooting an officer in the leg and killing a K-9 at the scene. Keith Hescock worked at Classic Auto Collision the year prior to Amber Hoopes’ disappearance, and his neighbor says he was in Challis the weekend Crane disappeared in 1993. Timecards also show he was hunting in Custer County when Stephanie Crane disappeared. Hescock allegedly owned a yellow pickup truck similar to the one that may be connected to Crane’s case.

Until either Amber Hoopes or Stephanie Crane are found, police continue to work tips coming in on both cases.

Sadly, both of Stephanie’s parents, Ben and Sandi Crane, have passed away.

If you have information about the disappearance of Stephanie Crane, contact the Custer County Sheriff’s Office

View her NamUs record

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1993 Crane