Glenn Cawley – 2015

Deputies Seek Help Finding Twin Falls Man’s Killer

Source: Magic Valley News, March 2015

TWIN FALLS • A Twin Falls County man was shot to death in his home Thursday and investigators are asking the public for help finding the killer.
Glenn Russell Cawley, 55, died at 3873 N. 2600 E. on Thursday. The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office did not release information about the incident until Monday afternoon.

Deputies found Cawley after being dispatched to his home for a welfare check.

Cawley’s wife, Lillian Cawley, told the Times-News Monday the sheriff’s office had shared few details with her family about its investigation.

“He was a loving father, a member of the CSI honor society, and he was killed by a gun,” she said. “That’s all I know at this point.”

Her husband did not respond to her text messages Thursday, so she asked the sheriff’s office to check on him.

Deputies went to Cawley’s home about 7:30 p.m.

“It was just unusual for him to not be available by phone,” said Lori Stewart, sheriff’s office spokeswoman.

Cawley lived with family at the home, but no family members were there at the time of his death, Stewart said. A family member had talked with him that morning.

Stewart said she could not confirm how Cawley died. Investigators have not pinpointed what time he was killed. More information about his death was not immediately available.
The sheriff’s office waited until Monday to release information to protect its investigation, Stewart said.

“At that point on that night we felt it wasn’t in anybody’s best interest to put it out,” she said. “We didn’t believe the public in general was in any danger.”

Investigators Quiet on Twin Falls County Homicide Case

Source: Magic Valley News – March 18, 2015

TWIN FALLS | Authorities are staying mum about their investigation into a Twin Falls County homicide.
Glenn Russell Cawley, 55, was found shot to death in his home Thursday evening. The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office did not release information on the killing until Monday.

On Tuesday, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Lori Stewart said no one has been arrested and referred all questions to Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs’ office.

“At this point a lot of these questions can’t be definitively answered,” Loebs said. “I don’t know all the answers yet, and it’s very early to be saying a bunch of things and giving away what police have found.”

Several neighbors who live near the crime scene contacted the Times-News on Tuesday to voice criticisms over how authorities have communicated about the case. They said the public should have been alerted about the incident earlier, especially because a shooter is presumably on the loose.

Releasing more information earlier, even the fact that Cawley had been killed, could have jeopardized the investigation, Loebs said.

Detectives have conducted a number of interviews and analyzed a large amount of evidence, he said. An autopsy is also complete. Loebs declined to discuss the cause of death.
“A lot of investigation has been done,” he said. “Some results could have been compromised by releasing information earlier than we did.”

Speaking about the worried neighbors, Loebs said anyone who feels in danger should alert authorities.

“Everybody is working on this,” he said. “The sheriff’s office mainly, with advice and counsel from my office and the coroner’s office, to do a thorough investigation.”

Deputies found Cawley after being dispatched to his home, about three miles west of Twin Falls, for a welfare check. His wife became worried when he stopped answering her text messages and asked deputies to check on him.

Monday, the sheriff’s office asked anyone with information about Cawley’s recent activities or known associates, or anyone who may have witnessed or heard something unusual about Cawley’s death, to contact Crime Stoppers at 208-732-5387.

Cawley was born in Wilkinsburg, Penn., and met his wife, Lillian Cawley in Maryland. They lived in Colorado before settling in Twin Falls.

A service will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Parke’s Magic Valley Funeral Home, 2551 Kimberly Road in Twin Falls.


Cold Case Murder In Twin Falls Busted – Country 104.3

Date: March 23, 2016

FBI Finds Man Linked To Cold Case Murder In Twin Falls

FBI investigators say they may have found who killed 55 year old Glenn Cawley in March of last year.

36 year old Michael Southerland pleaded guilty Monday to illegally possessing guns that may be connected to the unsolved murder. Michael was involved romantically with Cawley’s wife at the time of his death.

The victim’s widow, Lillian Cawley, who was living in California at the time, hadn’t heard from her husband in over four hours so she asked the police to check up on him. He was found shot to death in his home on March 12, 2015.

FBI investigators say this could break this cold case wide open.