Jason Alvarado

On July 5, 2005, at approximately 6:11 pm, 22-year old Jason Alvarado went with friends to the house of his estranged wife in the 600 Block of 16th Ave N. in Nampa.  A confrontation took place and shots were fired.  During the exchange, a bullet fatally struck Jason.  Most of the individuals in the confrontation fled the scene and were never identified.

A 2005 press clip from the Idaho Statesman claims that Alvarado went to the home with Jesse Gutierrez, 26. Both Alvarado and Gutierrez were shot, but Guitierrez survived gunshot wounds to the legs.  Two weapons were displayed. Lazarus Salazar was arrested for investigation of the shooting of Gutierrez. Salazar was arrested after being released from a local hospital, where he was treated for a beating following the shooting. Salazar was found guilty for aggravated battery (use of a deadly weapon) in this case and is currently serving time for 2009 offenses.

No one was charged with Alvarado’s death.

Contact the Nampa Police Department if you have information about the shooting death of Jason Alvarado.