Kay Saville – 1978

On August 17, 1978, young Donna “Kay” Saville was enjoying a walk in Goshen, Idaho (southeast of Firth) with two of her teen friends. Suddenly, a pickup truck struck the trio, throwing 18-year old Kay and her friend Wendy about 40 feet. Kay died of head injuries, her friend Wendy was hospitalized. The third friend, Laurie, reported the driver of the truck stopped at an angle, looked back directly at her, and sped off.

The truck was described as a dark, older model (abt. 1966), possibly green, with large mirrors on each side, a built-in trailer hitch, a light-colored vertical rack or “bang board” with square corners, and a 4-inch black bumper. It would have sustained front end damage.


A search of the local area and appeals to the public did not result in finding the truck, or an arrest.

Do you have any information on the hit and run death of Donna Kay Saville, 18, on a late summer night in August 1978?