Oney Leiby – 1977

Who killed Oney Leiby? Boise PD detectives seek info in 1977 unsolved murder case

Source:  KBOI – June 10, 2016

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — Boise Police detectives are looking for new leads in a nearly 40-year-old unsolved murder case.

Oney Leiby was 62-year-old when he was killed in the middle of the night while he was working as a watchman at Thriftway Lumber in Boise. The date was April 20, 1977.

Todd Leiby, the grandson of the victim, and the detective on the case are hoping that someone might be able to come forward with new information.

“It was just something that’s been eating at us forever,” Leiby said. “We want it solved.”

Boise PD says detectives are given cold case files (such as the Leiby case) when time is available.

“This grief has been passed on from generation to generation,” said detective Monte Iverson, who’s recently been assigned the case. “From his father to him and this family, even 39 years later, still wants closure on this case.”

His family and Iverson are urging anyone who has struggled with their own silence for the last 40 years to come forward.

Anyone with information is asked to call (208) 343-COPS or visit Tips can be anonymous.

Boise police search for new leads in 1977 cold case

Source: KTVB – June 10, 2016

BOISE — It’s been 39 years since Oney Leiby, 62, was killed while working as a nightwatchman at Thriftway Lumber.

The business off Fairview Avenue in Boise is now gone, but the memory of the horrific crime that happened in the middle of the night on April 20, 1977, remains for grandson Todd Leiby.

“You know, every time I drive by that place it breaks me up,” Todd said.

The Leiby family is hopeful that putting Oney’s case back in the spotlight will help provide some new leads for investigators.

“He was a great man. He was my best friend,” Todd said.

At the time of the murder, several people were interviewed about the case, but no one was arrested.

Todd Leiby says he has no idea what the motive was behind the killing. His grandfather was well-liked.

“Nothing was stolen according to the owner of Thriftway Lumber,” he added.

Todd says his grandfather’s pistol was still at his side when he was found at Thriftway Lumber and his wallet was left open on his chest with money still inside.

He told us the crime was gruesome.

“He was beaten to death with a 2×4 over the head,” Todd said.

It’s a painful memory that still haunts the Leiby family. They want closure and detectives with the Boise Police Department want to find them some answers.

“We’re hoping just with the fresh start and a new look with some fresh eyes maybe we can get some new information that’s out there,” said Det. Monte Iverson, who works in the violent crimes unit.

Cold case files like this one are assigned to BPD detectives to work on when time is available.

Det. Iverson told KTVB they are reaching out to the public now because they don’t want to miss out on any information or evidence that could solve this case, especially since so much time has passed.

They are re-interviewing people about the murder to try and move the case forward.

“I don’t care if this case is 100 years old or 200 years old, this is part of their family history and they would like to have some answers in the death of their loved one,” Iverson said.

Because it’s an open investigation, detectives aren’t releasing many details about the crime.

Todd Leiby is hoping that after all this time, justice will be served.

“Please come forward. Somebody has got to know something,” he added.

Anyone with information on this cold case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS. Callers can remain anonymous.