Unidentified People


These are not all of the unidentified people in Idaho. A selection have been chosen to highlight. More can be found at the National Missing and Unidentified Person System, clicking the “Unidentified Persons” link and choosing the state of Idaho. 

John Doe Recovered 1979 & 1991 - Dubois, Idaho

clothing John Doe 1979

On August 26th of 1979, the human torso of a man was found in Buffalo cave near Dubois in Clark County, Idaho. The torso was clothed in dark pants, a white shirt with blue stripes and a maroon sweater. All the limbs, including the head, had been cleanly severed from the body. A medical examiner’s report concluded the man died anywhere from six months to 5 years before the torso was found.

On March 30th, 1991, a family hiking in the same cave as the 1979 discovery found an arm. Read a news clip. Authorities were notified and quickly found the other arm and both legs, close to a hole in the ground. The hole appeared to have been dug by a shovel, not an animal. The clothing on the limbs and material from a burlap sack matched the torso discovery of 1979. To date, the man’s head has not been found.

Obviously, his death has been ruled a homicide. He was Caucasian and possibly in his forties at the time of death. He likely died in the early 1970’s. The limbs appeared to have been buried, and dug up again with a shovel prior to the 1991 discovery. The victim’s remains were naturally mummified in the cave environment. There is speculation he was a farm employee who died in a fight with a co-worker. Authorities are seeking information about his identity.

If you have information about this case, contact the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. 

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John Doe Recovered 1982 - South of Lewiston, Idaho

Doe_John1982 2

Source: Nez Perce County Sheriff web site

On June 26, 1982, a body was located in the Snake River, on the Idaho side, 25 miles south of Lewiston. The victim was a white male, age 13-20, 5’11”, approximately 150 pounds, long, straight dark brown to black hair, with a 2″ scar on his right ankle. The individual was shot twice; once in the left shoulder and once in the neck. Victim was wearing Britannica jeans over blue swimming trunks with red and white stripes down the sides of the trunks, white socks, and blue brief-style underwear. Eye color could not be determined and no dental work was evident in the teeth. No jewelery or identification were recovered and the body had no tattoos or distinguising marks except for the scar on the ankle.

Ballistics proved the victim had been shot with a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson 36 Centennial Model. This particular weapon has not been manufactured since 1967.

This victim has never been identified. If anyone has information regarding the identity of this individual or the homicide, please contact the Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Investigator at 208-799-3131 or e-mail the investigator. All information is confidential.

For more information, see pg. 23 of Unsolved: Murders that Remain Mysteries and 2014 news story from KLEW-TV. 

The composite picture is a forensic rendering and is not an exact composite of the subject.

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John Doe Recovered 1984 - Idaho County, Idaho

John Doe 1984

This man’s remains were found near an abandoned camp site near Big Sand Creek on Elk Summit Road in Idaho County near the Montana border. Closest major highway is US 12. Reports indicated remains were anywhere from 1 to 5 years old when found. Opinions differed as to whether he was stabbed, a victim of some other crime, or died of natural causes.

Clothing on body: Maroon pullover shirt with light brown horizontal stripe; light brown imitation leather jacket, size medium manufactured by “Anthonys”.

Clothing nearby: Maroon pullover shirt with light brown horizontal stripe; light brown imitation leather jacket, size medium manufactured by “Anthonys”.

Footwear: white tennis shoes (made is USA, size approx. 10-11)

Eyewear: wire rimmed glasses indicating victim was very near-sighted

This is a facial reconstruction of what John Doe 1984 may have looked like. Read more on pg. 23, Unsolved: Murders that Remain Mysteries.  More pictures and updates from the Idaho County Free Press – 2014.

Idaho County Free Press – more pictures

Contact the Idaho County Coroner’s Office if you have information about his identity.

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Jane Doe Recovered 1986 - near Malad, Idaho


“Jane Doe” was found in October 1986, not far from the remains of Patricia Campbell and Tina Anderson, whose remains were found in 1981. (Patricia and Tina disappeared from Pocatello in 1978) She is believed to be a Caucasian female aged 12-16 at the time of death. She was originally reported to have been black or of mixed race, but opinion varies. Extensive searches of runaway reports and missing person databases have turned up empty.

Some have theorized the same person/people who murdered Tina Anderson and Patricia Campbell may have had something to do with Jane Doe’s death, since finding three sets of remains so close to each other my not be coincidental.

If you have information about her identity, contact the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office. 

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Baby X Recovered 1989 - infant female near Rupert, Idaho


Baby X was the name given to an infant girl who was born and died in November 1989. She was described as light-skinned of Hispanic origin. Baby X was placed in a metal drum, and burned. Within a few weeks of her birth, she was found in a horrifying condition in the sand dunes south of the Minidoka County landfill. A forensic pathologist from Portland, Oregon, who performed an autopsy on Baby X, found no evidence of ritual abuse. He said it appeared small animals had gotten to her body, thus explaining the missing body parts. He stated she also could have died from pneumonia. Baby X was finally conferred the name “Kristina Angelica James” upon her private burial.

This event marked years of speculation, rumor, and stories of Satanic worship in central Idaho.

Authorities still do not know the identify of Baby X, or her birth parents.

If you have information about this case, contact the Minidoka County Sheriff’s Office. 

Here is a very detailed article from the Los Angeles Times of the events surrounding Baby X’s case.

She is not listed in NamUs.

John Doe Recovered 1989 - Nez Perce County

John Doe 1989

Normal Hill Cemetery, Lewiston, Idaho – His unidentified remains were found in a shallow grave site with other buried remains. He was not placed in a casket. The cemetary is positioned where grave contents are laid east and west. These unidentified remains were laying north and south and were discovered when a new grave site was being dug by workers on September 21, 1989.  It is believed this man had been buried in the previous 10 years. Contact the Nez Perce County Coroner’s Office or the Lewiston Police Department if you have information.

His story is featured on pg. 22 of Unsolved: Murders that Remain Mysteries.

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John Doe Recovered 1995 - Kootenai County


The male victim was found July 31, 1995 in Kootenai County. He is estimated to have been 200 lbs and 5’10” tall. He had a beard and a tattoo of an unfinished panther on his upper right arm.

Do you have information on the tattoo or the identify of John Doe 1995? Contact the Post Falls Police Department.

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John Doe Recovered 1998 - Ada County, Idaho


On August 16, 1998, an unidentified male was found in the water in Ada County. He wore layered clothing, and had a blue draw string pouch with compass, red Swiss Army knife, standard circle with keys. One key has initials GG. Also found with him was a pewter ring with multiple turquoise stones.

The male is of unknown age, approximately 165 pounds and 6ft tall.  Richard Bendele, missing a few years earlier from Blaine County, has been ruled out according to the entry below. Contact the Ada County Coroner’s Office with any information.

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John Doe Recovered 2002 - Shoshone County, Idaho


On June 12th, 2002, the body of the victim was found on a walking trail up Jacobs Gulch. He had died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the right side of his head. The gun, recovered from beneath the body, was a 9mm semiautomatic Smith & Wesson Model 915. He was well dressed, well nourished and did not appear to be a transient type person. Contact the Shoshone County Coroner’s Office, 208-786-5121 with any information about his identity.

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Baby Max Recovered 2002 - Fort Hall, Idaho

baby max

His was nicknamed “Baby Max”, a little newborn baby boy, wrapped in a Cannon brand pink sheet, with alphabet letters and teddy bears, dumped in a field on South Bannock Road in Fort Hall. He had light tan skin – possibly Native American or Hispanic, or a mix? His birth parents have not been located and police are hoping they come forward to resolve the identity of the baby.

If you have information about this case, contact the Fort Hall Tribal Police Department.

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Jane Doe Recovered Sept. 2014 - Twin Falls, Idaho


On the afternoon of Sept. 9, 2014, the body of a woman was found in the Snake River below the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls. She had been in the water for approx. one hour.  She wore black clothing and men’s shoes, and is described as 45-50 years old, 5’5″, 140 lbs, Caucasian or mixed ethnicity. She had veneer work on her front teeth. Her identity is still unknown.

Widespread media coverage and efforts by the Twin Falls County Sheriff and Twin Falls Coroner’s Office have not resulted in her identification.

The community came together to honor Jane Doe 0909 in a funeral.

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