William Hendrick

William “Will” Hendrick, 25, attended the University of Idaho and was well-liked in the theater department. On January 10, 1999, he attended a party at a friend’s house and later disappeared. Hendrick’s case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries on August 7, 2001. Three years later on September 7, 2002, hunters found his remains in Latah County. Community members speculated he was killed because he was gay.

At the time, Sheriff Jeff Crouch of Latah County password protected the case file and officers were unable to access it to view their own reports.  Finally, in 2004, the file was accessed by a new Sheriff, Wayne Rausch, who was stunned at the lack of follow-up in the case. It turns out the last person who saw Hendrick alive was the man who lived in the downstairs apartment from the party. Another man, a truck driver who lived in the same trailer court as Hendrick, also left town right after Hendrick’s disappearance and would not cooperate with investigators.

No arrests were made in Will Hendrick’s death. If you have new information to help investigators, contact the Latah County Sheriff’s Office. 


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